From its foundation in 1976, The Firm Bufete Holguin y Abogados, S.C., offers legal consulting services from the highest quality to their clients, committing with them and the benefit of legal personalized services, with an excellence tradition, inspired by the highest ethical and service values, guaranteeing the trust deposited by their clients.

Our Firm has Attorneys at law with a wide experience and a solid reputation in the principal law areas that include the consulting services, patronage and representation, so much of companies, as people and government entities, in the specialties of the Civil law, Commercial law, Insurances, Securities and Bonds, Tax law, Corporate law, Alternative Dispute Resolution (domestic and International), litigation in Constitucional law and Amparo Proceedings.

We are a Law Firm that combine the diverse consultancy services with the litigation, in the specialized referred matters, offering in this way, a legal integral consulting services, trying to get the solution and prevention of the conflicts of our clients, with the purpose to collaborate to achieve the legal and commercial reasonable objectives, looking for to offer individualized consulting services, with the highest quality and the possible biggest confidentiality.

Our Firm has an extensive and proven experience in all the environments of the litigation in Civil law, Commercial law, Tax law, Administrative law and Arbitration, before both, federal courts and local courts, like before arbitration panels, administrative tribunals and government entities, and for these reasons our Attorneys at law are authentic specialists in legal proceeding and Court resolutions of controversies.


Ciudad de México

World Trade Center


World Trade Center, Mexico City, Montecito Street 38, floor 29, Office 3 and 4, Napoles neighborhood, Benito Juárez, Mexico, D.F., ZIP CODE 03810. Telephone: (52 55) 9000 30 48 Fax: (52 55) 9000 30 49.


Andares Corporativo


Andares Corporativo, Piso Mezzanine, Suite M28, Avenida Patria No. 2085, en Plaza Andares, Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 45116. Telephone: 01 33 8000 72 00 Fax: 01 33 8000 70 91


Col. Carretas


Ejército Republicano # 119-1 int. 6B, Col. Carretas, C.P. 76050, Querétaro, Querétaro, México. Teléfonos: (442) 213 05 83 y 213 02 64.


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