Civil and Mercantile Law

Our firm has obtained prestige, for several decades, in the area of civil and mercantile litigation, our Attorneys are specialized in the elaboration of legal strategies as well as in legal proceadures before diverse authorities, national and foreigners.

We are fully prepared to solve the problems over matters such as; execution of obligations, elaboration and revision of contracts in general and recovery of all type of debentures.

In this area, our services include all the commercial transactions, subscription, acceptance, execution and payment of all kinds of debentures as in the judicial path as extrajudicial path; supervision and audit of our client’s departments of credit as well as regarding the handling development of mercantile commercial credits, debentures, bonds, trying to improve efficiency in the recovery of granted credits, reclamation of insurances and bonds, elaboration and fulfillment of mercantile contracts in general, financial leasing, pure leasing, factoring, trusts; likewise, our Attorneys at law are prepare to advise their clients in their diverse investments and projects taking so much in consideration diverse logistic, fiscal and market aspects.

 We stand out in representing important financial institutions and corporations, in the disputes arising from credit agreements, collection and collection restructures, by participating in the recovery processes and conflict resolutions.

Family Law Our attention is centered in looking for the best solution to family controversies, over matters such as divorce, child protection, people’s assurance, parental authority, custody of the children, domestic violence, adoption, successions and interdiction state or guardian appointment, among others.

Real-Estate Law: We offer consulting services in the implementation of strategies and litigation related with the real estate property, such as:

  • Investigation about real estate record of deeds
  • Delimit proceedings
  • Prescriptions, usucapio
  • Sale and purchase, leasing and financing real estate
  • Reposession hearing
  • Claim and demand of property and possession
  • Condominium and Joint Ownership
  • Real Estate Trust
  • Usufruct, easements and Rights of way

Mortgage Law: We offer consulting services in the constitution of real estate agreements, their abatement or cancellation as well as their payment; we analyze the effectiveness of this type of agreements, their formality and their legal inscription.

Bankruptcy proceeding and creditor’s meeting : We advise and we intervene in dispute for corporate restructure either inside of or outside of tribunals, as well as representation to creditors in suspension procedures, bankruptcy proceeding and creditor’s meetings.